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Me when i want to play and ma little cousin wants another thing:…



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For helping people, give gifts and all that stuff...
Chibi!Nigel by Coillte
Dont donate if you dont wont to But everything is welcome^^

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Feature of the month

Spain drake by WingedWilly


A great artist that I had the pleasure to meet here, he has improved so much since he entered here one day long ago. And stills improving, don't worry XD.
Some of his artworks here:
Winterplay Tomek -DiceFever 1 by WingedWilly Tricoen valley Hero by WingedWilly Gerb on herb by WingedWilly
And one page of his comic, where Flay (his main OC) shows its life and experiencies:
Born to be a Hero (Pg.64) by WingedWilly



An awesome friend, this girl is a quite incredible Digital artist.
She can transform a simple drawing into a great piece of art.
Take a look on her style, unique and great as ever before:
Art Trade:Jacob by DiddleMonster Request: Krest by DiddleMonster



And another great draggie comes out! This read dragon, whose necklace gem turned his fate as now he is, his skills are far from being nothing compare with other artists (beware, a new blue star is rising!)

Zierra (commision) by Tomek1000 Tomek the Red Dragon by Tomek1000



Also found as Deathtail, she is both great artist and friend.
Her style is unique and..... well, no more words can describe it xD
What should i say is... watch her. You wont ever regret it

Some samples:

::PC:: Bella (REUPLOAD) by Dinok-Wahrok ::PC::Whaaaaaaaaat??(REUPLOAD) by Dinok-Wahrok


Who hasnt looked at a saying from a outtern country and elt like an idiot cause couldnt understand the meaning of it?
Its time to end it.
Send your best sayings and share them with everyone!


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My awesome best pals!

My dragon name is Bestor the Great Dragon.
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My birthday badge


Fun F(l)ight by Fire-Flame-Fan

Gift: Hey! by DiddleMonster

Sergio - 19 - Self taught artist

Chibi Stein pixel by Anais-thunder-pen


Great draggies:
Flay Stamp by Cameo647 Storm stamp 2 by Cameo647

My birthday badge
Fire-Storm-Dragon chibi by SkipSkid


Name of Image

Name of Image

My characters

Curiosity by Fire-Flame-Fan


-age: 19
-gender: male
-power: time
parents: Crail (father), Nura (mother)
brothers: Avast and Nigel
childs: Shine (female), Searise (male), Diamond (female) and Savas (male). Diamond and Savas are twins.
-home: Regner
-mate: Crystal star (  )-status: suppers to be king of Lost Kingdom but he isn't old enough, so Frontier is kinging until he reaches age


He was born at Draken, but his parents decided to move to The Cliff, where they built a house at the highest cliff.
When he was 3, his father found Nigel. They both soonly got on well as siblings. He enjoyed and loved the moments with them, who taught them all they knew about world and fight. His father told him when he was five that he was the king of Regner, so Stein visited sometimes the city.But one day his parents died protecting him from a murder when he was only 12. Two days later, when he was walking on the forest he saw Avast badly injured running away from a wolf.
Stein saved Avast killing the wolf and, since then, they become brothers.When he went to Draken to claim the throne, he was recognised as the truly king. However, due to he was young, someone from his family had to king until he come old enough.
He then called his cousin Frontier to be king, who accepted gladly. By now, Stein (and sometimes Nigel) has to be over him to do his duties.

Once he was flying, he saw Crystal half-buried on ground, so he dug her out and they fall in love. Now they two live together and are parents of four childs.

*special skills: his diamond allows him to get to himself and others power and energy. He also can keep things in it like a neverending bag and can create a map, so he always know where is he.He also can become invisible. </h3>







- Age : 21 years  
- Gender: male
- Element: Fire  
- Family: 
 - > Parents : unknown (biological ); Crail (father ) , Nura ( mother)
[ adoptive ] 
 -> Brothers : Stein and Avast ( adoptive )  
-> Cousins ​​: Frontier ( Nura nephew )  
- Residence: Kingdom of Regner  

Abandoned at birth, he was sent to an orphanage in the Grey Mountains . There he suffered bullying by the other orphans , causing a closed attitude to others .
One day, at five years old, was suddenly expelled from the orphanage with nothing in his hands but the scarf and the wrist bands with which it was found.Wandering in the mountains, a day Crail , Stein 's father , found the dying dragon in a cave. He picked it up and took him to the cave where Nura and her young son Stein were resting from flight.
They fed him and took him to Draken , where he was taught as a secret agent .There he was adopted into the royal family , with all the privileges that entails , although Stein was still heir to the throne .Stein and Nigel have a caring sibling relationship

Although he will never recognize ,he has a great affection for Stein , which is like a little brother ( and hence Avast when it was adopted ) , and will do anything to defend or revenge them if someone killed 'em.
Although cold and distant with strangers, and sometimes serene ; opens his heart to his loved ones. He will not tolerate any harm on them.
He likes to travel, experience , discover new skills and, above all , fly.
Secretly , I also like to paint .
He is very skilled with spells of destruction and protection.


speedy gonsales!
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I'm Batman :batman:
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howdy my friands
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Hola amigo from school xD
Thu Mar 5, 2015, 3:19 AM
Gol Hah Dov!!!
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Skyrim shouts: fus ro dah....
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